Sulfide mining explained

Is sulfide mining really safe? This short video may help you decide whether it's right or not for your community.

Research on hard rock and metallic sulfide mining

Polluting The Future

HOW MINING COMPANIES ARE CONTAMINATING OUR NATION’S WATERS IN PERPETUITY, 2013,  (Case studies of current and closed mines requiring perpetual water treatment for acid mine drainage)

Acid Mine Drainage and Effects on Fish Health and Ecology: A Review

U.S. Copper Porphyry Mines

The track record of  water quality impacts resulting from pipeline spills, tailings failures  and water collection and treatment failures.
Gestring, Bonnie, EARTHWORKS, 2012

The Risk, Public Liability, & Economics of Tailings Storage Facility Failures

Sulfide Mining Regulation In The Great Lakes Region

A Comparative Analysis of Sulfide Mining Regulation in Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Ontario
March 2012, National Wildlife Federation
(Note  that this study was published prior to WI 2017 Act 134 that deregulated  numerous aspects of metallic mining law including repeal of the Prove  It First (“moratorium”) law.)

Research on metallic sulfide mining: